Body Procedures

Each of our staff members is dedicated to helping patients improve their lives through cosmetic body procedures.  If you would like to learn more about post weight loss options, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, or others, our staff will make every effort to ensure all of your questions are fully answered.


Tummy Tuck 

Dr. Rick Becker performs tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) to help his patients enjoy flatter, more contoured abdomens.  The tummy tuck procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the mid and lower abdomen.  The abdominal muscles are tightened during the same procedure for an improved overall result.  A standard tummy tuck will leave a scar which extends from the hipbone.  Dr. Becker will keep the scar as low as possible, so the patient is able to wear modern clothing styles, and even bikinis, which hide the scar.

 Less involved procedures known as modified abdominoplasties and mini-abdominoplasties may be utilized to address some issues, and involve less scarring.  In some cases, the patient may benefit from extending the skin removal all the way around the waist.  This is known as a belt lipectomy.  Our entire staff is dedicated to helping each of our patients fully understand abdominoplasty and the other procedures we provide.


Liposuction is an ideal procedure for someone of normal weight who would like to improve their body contour by specifically addressing problem areas.  Optimal results are usually seen when a person is able to identify a localized area that they identify as problematic.  Excellent results can also be obtained for patients who desire an overall improved contour in a more general area, such as the lower or upper body.  Using the tumescent technique, a special solution is placed within the tissues before the fat is removed.  This minimizes bleeding and also makes the procedure less painful. 

Following liposuction, it is important to wear a compression garment for one month and to have several sessions of massage therapy. 

Smart Lipo™

SmartLipo™, used alone or in conjunction with regular liposuction, minimizes the likelihood of skin becoming overly loose after the procedure.  The procedure may actually result in skin tightening.  In some cases, when used with regular liposuction, dramatic results can be achieved that would not be possible with liposuction alone.

Thigh Lift

Liposuction is the most common procedure performed on the thighs, and can result in a slimmer physique.  However, when weight loss is significant or when a person reaches a certain age, skin and soft tissues begin to sag.  When this is the case, liposuction is no longer an option.  The thigh lift procedure is provided to patients who would like to achieve more contoured.  A thigh lift involved the removal of excess skin and fat.  Thigh lifts may need to be done on the outside of the thighs, on the inside of the thighs, or both.  A thigh lift procedure may be included with a tummy tuck, or extended around to the backside to include a butt lift. 

Combining these procedures is know as a lower body lift.  Although providing dramatic results these procedures do leave lengthy, but acceptable scars.  Our surgeon and staff will always speak with you in-depth about the pros and cons of any procedure.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is the removal of the loose, saggy skin between the elbow and armpit.  Liposuction can be an important component of brachioplasty.  This procedure is frequently needed after significant weight loss.

Weight Loss or After Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass and lap banding weight loss surgeries have become increasingly common.  With these procedures, weight loss results of 100 to 200 pounds are not uncommon.  With this weight loss the patient begins to take a new lease on life, and the health benefits can be enormous.  With the weight loss, however, comes a new concern.  Although dramatic weight loss has been achieved, skin which has been stretched out now begins to sag and hang off the body.  With a full range of post bariatric surgery procedures, Dr. Becker helps patients complete their weight loss surgery process by removing excess skin and creating a more natural looking body contour. 

This procedure can help to truly complete the transformation to a more healthy and enjoyable life.  Post bariatric surgery procedures can include tummy tuck, thigh lift, brachioplasty and other similar body contouring procedures.


Labiaplasty is a repair or reshaping of the labia minora (inner vaginal lips).  Labia minora can be elongated, very prominent, or significantly asymmetric.  Patients may desire improvement of this area for reasons of appearance and self-consciousness, but also due to discomfort during exercise or sexual intercourse.  Either one or both sides can be opoerated upon.

Reconstructive Body Procedures

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is an extremely common and often easily treatable disease.  In most cases, Dr. Becker is able to treat the cancer by simply removing it, then closing the defect by moving a small flap of skin or placing a skin graft.  With some types of cancer or more advanced diseases, more significant procedures may be required.  It is not uncommon to have two or three procedures to fully reconstruct a skin cancer defect.

Scar Revision

Scars heal and mature over the course of many months.  It is preferable to hold off on any surgical attempt to improve or revise a scar until it is fully mature.  This would typically be after twelve months, and perhaps even after eighteen months for children.  Scar revision procedures may include dermabrasion to help flatten the scar, excision of the scar with meticulous closure to provide for better healing, and redirection of the orientation of the scar to make it less noticeable.  Prior to performing scar revision, Dr. Becker may recommend steroid injection or the topical application of silicone.